CICC License

Glocal Immigration is a distinguished consultancy, with our team of RCICs adeptly handling Canadian Immigration intricacies. Licensed by the CICC, we offer a wide array of immigration services. Confirm our legitimacy by referencing our consultant's CICC license (R532895).

Glocal Immigration Consulting

At Glocal Immigration Consulting, we seamlessly blend local expertise with global insights, ensuring that your journey to Canada is navigated with unwavering dedication. The term "Glocal" epitomizes our pledge to deliver services with both a global perspective and a localized touch, meeting every Canadian aspiration you hold dear. READ MORE


CAPIC Membership

Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), is a leading professional body for immigration and citizenship consultants, emphasizing industry standards and ethical practices. For confidence in our membership with CAPIC, search for our consultant's license number (R21396).

Canadian Immigration Services

Glocal Immigration provide a custom-tailored path to success. With expert guidance, we simplify your transition to Canada, covering needs from work visas to permanent residency. Trust in our seasoned team for a smooth journey.

Custom Solutions

Whether for work visas, study permits, family sponsorships, or permanent residency, we provide specific answers to your unique challenges.

Personalized Pathway

Achieve success with tailored support and deep expertise.

Dedicated Professionals

Experienced team attuned to your distinct needs.

Complete Assistance

Guidance from start to finish, ensuring a smooth Canadian transition.

Our Services in Canada

Your pathway to success, with personalized support and expertise.

Your Gateway to a New Beginning in Canada.

Canadian Immigration Services

We offer comprehensive assistance and expert guidance throughout the entire immigration process, ensuring that you have a seamless journey to your new life in Canada.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing tailored solutions, whether you are applying for a work visa, study permit, family sponsorship, or permanent residency.


Get the latest information and news about the developments happening in the Canadian Immigration arena. We have all the information you need to take those first firm steps towards success.