Change or Extend Your Work Permit

Change or Extend Your Work Permit

Modifying a Canadian Temporary Work Permit

  1. Job Extension/Change: If the job’s tenure alters, apply to update or extend the work permit before it expires.
  2. New Job Offer: For a different job in Canada, apply for a new work permit. Don’t start until the new permit is granted.
  3. Permanent Residence: If considering permanent stay, apply under Canada’s permanent residence categories.
  4. Exiting & Re-entering Canada: Upon leaving and returning to Canada: a. If awaiting permit extension approval, re-enter as a visitor, but don’t work until approval. b. With an approved extension, return and work. c. Without an arranged extension, reapply for a new work permit.

For Quebec-specific employment, see the provided link.

For assistance or inquiries, contact us. Employers can reach out here. Candidates can check eligibility through our online evaluation.

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