Upon your initial arrival in Canada, it’s important to note that you won’t have immediate coverage under the Canadian medical system. To safeguard against potential medical expenses, it is crucial to secure private coverage during this period.

To ensure comprehensive protection, make certain that your travel medical insurance covers you as a new immigrant and remains valid throughout the entire waiting period. Landing in a new country can be overwhelming, especially when settling in, which is why we have crafted this section to guide you through the essential steps of setting up your new life.

Arriving in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Travel Insurance:
    • Secure coverage for the initial period to mitigate the risk of unexpected medical bills.
  2. Leaving the Airport:
    • Navigate the process of leaving the airport and familiarize yourself with the next steps.
  3. Obtaining a Canadian Résumé:
    • Learn how to create an effective Canadian résumé tailored to local standards.
  4. Finding a Home to Rent or Buy:
    • Explore housing options and understand the process of renting or purchasing a home.
  5. Obtaining a Mortgage:
    • Get insights into obtaining a mortgage and steps involved in the application process.
  6. Financial Advice:
    • Seek guidance on financial matters to make informed decisions for your new life in Canada.
  7. Accounting Services:
    • Access assistance with accounting services to ensure compliance and financial well-being.

For those requiring medical insurance tailored to new immigrants, our associates specialize in providing the necessary coverage. Your health and well-being are our priorities as you embark on this new chapter in Canada.