On-Campus Work

On-Campus Work

Working On-Campus in Canada: A Brief Guide for Students

Full-time post-secondary students in Canada can work on-campus without a separate work permit. This is valid as long as you hold a current study permit and study at that same institution.

The privilege includes roles like teaching or research assistants. Employment must be within the campus where you’re registered. For institutions with multiple campuses in one city, you can work at any of them. However, for schools with campuses in different cities, you must work where you’re registered full-time.

In some cases, students can work off-campus without a work permit if there’s a formal tie to their school.

Before starting work, ensure you have a Social Insurance Number (SIN), which requires a study permit and job contract.

Employers or students needing more details can contact us. Also, check your eligibility for Canada with our free online assessment. Results are provided within 1-2 business days

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