The Process

The Process

Applying for a Canadian Temporary Work Permit: A Brief Guide

  1. Check Work Permit Necessity: Some jobs, like athletes or convention organizers, might not need a work permit.
  2. Collect Documents: Ensure you have a valid passport, job offer letter, and relevant qualifications.
  3. Submit Application: Apply online via the IRCC website or at a Visa Application Center in your country.
  4. Pay Fee: Cover the application fee, which varies based on permit type and origin country.
  5. Biometrics: If needed, attend a biometrics appointment for fingerprinting and a photo.
  6. Medical Check: Certain categories might require a medical exam.
  7. Wait for Processing: Duration varies by country and permit type.
  8. Receive Work Permit: Upon approval, get a POE Letter of Introduction or an in-country work permit.
  9. Enter Canada: Ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, including testing and quarantine.

Always respect your work permit’s terms and seek assistance from an immigration expert or Canadian diplomatic post if needed.

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