This service is designed for individuals who have submitted applications for a Study Permit, Work Permit, or Visit Visa and believe that their application was erroneously rejected by IRCC or wish to gain insight into the reasons for the refusal.

Our accredited Canadian Immigration Consultant will carefully examine your rejection letter, along with all pertinent supporting documents and application forms, aiming to help you determine the potential success of a reapplication. This service is not intended for those seeking a Judicial Review by the Federal Court. Instead, it caters exclusively to individuals who wish to comprehend the grounds for their application refusal, explore the feasibility of a Judicial Review, or consider submitting a new application.

Upon completion of the review, our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will furnish a written report detailing their findings. To facilitate this process, you will need to share all completed application forms, supporting documents, the refusal letter, and GCMS notes (if available).

Please note that the review is applicable only to applications and supporting documents in English or those that have been translated into English. Unfortunately, we are unable to conduct reviews for supporting documents in French.

What’s Included – Report: You will receive a comprehensive written report within 7-10 business days. This report will highlight any errors in the application forms, assess the quality of supporting documents, and provide advice on strengthening your application. Additionally, it will inform you if any essential documentation is missing and advise on whether resubmitting the application is advisable. The 7-10 business days are calculated from the date we receive all the requested documents.