The Canada Experience Class

The Canada Experience Class

The Canada Experience Class (CEC)

The Canada Experience Class (CEC) provides a pathway to permanent residency for individuals and their dependents who have worked in Canada, recognizing their contributions to the country’s economy and culture.

Key Features & Requirements:

  1. Work Experience: Applicants need 12 months of full-time employment in Canada within the past three years. The job must fall under the TEER categories 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the National Occupation Classification (NOC), which includes managerial, professional, technical, or skilled trade roles.
  2. Language Proficiency: Based on the NOC category, candidates must reach specific Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels. For NOC TEER 0 and 1, it’s CLB level 7, and for NOC TEER 2 and 3, it’s CLB level 5. Accepted language tests include IELTS, CELPIP, TEF Canada, and TCF Canada.
  3. Admissibility: Applicants shouldn’t have medical, criminal, or security inadmissibilities.
  4. Qualifying Work Experience: 30 hours weekly counts as full-time. Part-time is pro-rated. Experience during full-time study or without valid authorization isn’t counted. Accumulating experience from multiple part-time jobs is allowed.
  5. Exclusions: The CEC doesn’t cater to those settling in Quebec, though experience from Quebec can be used if relocating elsewhere in Canada.

CEC provides a straightforward method for those acquainted with Canadian life to transition from temporary to permanent status smoothly.

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