Off-Campus Work

Off-Campus Work

Working Off-Campus in Canada: A Quick Guide for Students

International students in Canada can work off-campus without a separate work permit for up to 20 hours weekly during academic sessions and full-time during breaks such as summer or winter vacations. This is allowed if:

  • They have a valid study permit.
  • They’re enrolled full-time at a designated learning institution.
  • They’re in a post-secondary academic, vocational, or professional training program or a secondary-level vocational training in Quebec that lasts at least six months leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • They comply with study permit conditions and don’t exceed 20 hours of work weekly during academic sessions.

However, visiting/exchange students, those in general interest or English/French language programs, are not eligible. During summer (May-August), full-time students can work up to 20 hours weekly.

This provision helps students gain work experience while studying in Canada.

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