Looking for assistance in finding accommodation in Canada? Look no further – Canada Abroad is here to help. With over 25 years of property experience, our associate is well-equipped to provide expert advice on all property-related matters, whether you’re looking to lease or purchase.

In Canada, prospective tenants and buyers benefit from representation by a Real Estate Agent at no cost, setting it apart from some other countries where individuals have to deal with the seller’s or landlord’s agent without dedicated representation. Our associate is dedicated to guiding new immigrants through the process of finding their ideal Canadian home and serves as the ‘agent of choice’ during negotiations.

Arriving in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Travel Insurance:
    • Ensure a smooth transition by securing travel insurance for your initial period in Canada.
  2. Leaving the Airport:
    • Navigate the process of leaving the airport and become familiar with the next steps.
  3. Obtaining a Canadian Résumé:
    • Tailor your résumé to Canadian standards with expert guidance.
  4. Finding a Home to Rent or Buy:
    • Access our expertise in property matters to locate your ideal Canadian residence.
  5. Obtaining a Mortgage:
    • Gain insights into obtaining a mortgage and navigate the application process.
  6. Financial Advice:
    • Receive valuable guidance on financial matters for a secure future in Canada.
  7. Accounting Services:
    • Access professional accounting services to ensure financial compliance and well-being.

We understand that landing in a new country and settling in can be overwhelming. Our dedicated section aims to assist you in setting up the essentials for your new life in Canada. Trust Canada Abroad to be your reliable partner throughout this exciting journey.