Financial Requirements

Financial Requirements

Cost Breakdown for International Students in Canada

Before diving into Canadian academics, you’ll need to show you’ve got the funds for tuition and living. Here’s a snapshot of what’s needed:

Proof of Funds: This could be in the form of bank statements, a Canadian bank account, a GIC, a student loan, or evidence of paid tuition and accommodation.

Tuition: Varies greatly based on institution and course.

Living Expenses:

  • Solo: $10,000/year or $833/month, excluding tuition.
  • +1 family member: Additional $4,000/year or $333/month.
  • Extra family members: Further $3,000/year or $255/month per member.

For those in Quebec:

  • Solo: $11,000/year or $917/month, excluding tuition.
  • First family member (18+): Extra $5,100/year or $425/month.
  • First family member (under 18): Extra $3,800/year or $317/month.
  • Additional family members (18+): Extra $5,125/year or $427/month each.
  • Additional family members (under 18): Extra $1,903/year or $159/month each.

Final Calculation: Tuition + Living Expenses (based on number of family members).

Example: If it’s just you and your spouse, you’ll need: Tuition + $14,000.

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