International Experience Canada Program

International Experience Canada Program

International Experience Canada (IEC) Program: A Quick Overview

  • Objective: The IEC Program enables young individuals from partner nations to work and explore Canada, enhancing cultural exchange and international ties.

  • Eligibility: Open for 18-35 year-olds from countries having a youth mobility arrangement with Canada. Specific eligibility and quotas are set for each country.

  • Work Permits: Allows participants to work for different Canadian employers, generally valid for 12 to 24 months based on the country of origin.

  • IEC Categories:

    • Working Holiday: Travel and work in Canada for 12-24 months.
    • Young Professionals: Gain specialized work experience for 12-24 months.
    • International Co-op: Students undertake internships or placements in Canada for 12-24 months.
  • Application: Quotas set for each partner nation. Applications are taken annually during specified periods.

  • Travel Authorization: Apart from the work permit, participants might need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa.

  • Health Coverage: Mandatory health insurance for the entire stay duration in Canada.

  • Cultural Emphasis: Participants are encouraged to explore and understand the rich culture and diversity of Canada.

In essence, the IEC Program is a unique platform for young adults to experience Canada’s work and cultural environment, benefiting both the participants and Canada in terms of cultural enrichment and skill exchange.

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