LMIA Exemptions for Certain Jobs in Canada

Certain roles and individuals in Canada are exempt from the need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) when seeking a temporary foreign worker permit. The exemptions are:

  1. International Trade Accords: Jobs under specific trade accords do not require an LMIA, such as:

    • North American Free Trade Accord (NAFTA)
    • Canada-Chile, Canada-Peru, Canada-Colombia, Canada-Korea Free Trade Accords
    • The General Accord on Trades and Services
    • Other non-trade related international agreements
  2. Domestic Accords:

    • Provincial/Territorial Nomination Programs: Work permits may be given without an LMIA if there’s a permanent residence nomination from a provincial government and a job offer in that province.
    • Ontario Initiative for Master’s and PhD Graduates: Those nominated for permanent residence in Ontario under certain streams, holding a Master’s or PhD degree, can get an open work permit for roles in Ontario.

Regardless of the LMIA exemption, a work permit is still required to work in Canada. Specific criteria and processes exist for each exemption type.

For more details on these exemptions, interested parties can contact Immigration.ca and use their free online evaluation tool to determine eligibility.

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