Our Prices

Our Prices

Please note that our fees for Canadian-based applications do not include any taxes. Additionally, government fees, language tests, education assessments, police certificates, medical exams, translation costs, travel expenses, postal or shipping costs are not included in our fees.

Furthermore, the fees provided do not cover additional services, or any work required if the client fails to disclose or provide information as requested by our firm or the Canadian government, which may impact their profile.

During a consultation, our consultants will carefully review your specific situation and provide you with a personalized quote based on your circumstances. We understand the importance of convenience, and as such, professional fees can be paid in installments for your ease

Consultation Services

Consultation Type Professional Fees
Immigration Consultation
60 Minutes - $225
Email Consultation 1- 4 Complex Questions
Limit 300 Words
Medical & Criminal Inadmissibility Consultation
PR obligation/application appeal Consultation
Deportation orders Consultation
60 Minutes - $400
​Business Immigration Consultation
60 Minutes - $400
Refugee Case / PRRA Consultation
60 Minutes - $400
Immigration Plan and Strategy
Emergency Immigration Consultation (within 24 hours)
60 Minutes - $350
Emergency Medical & Criminal Inadmissibility Consultation (within 24 hours)
Emergency PR obligation/application appeal Consultation (within 24 hours)
Emergency Deportation orders Consultation (within 24 hours)
60 Minutes - $600

Visitor Visa

Application Type Professional Fees
Visitor Visa (TRV)
principal applicant - Starting from $1500 Each dependent - $700
​Visitor Visa extension
Starting from $1000
Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)
Starting from $4000
Super Visa
1 parent - Starting from $2000
2 parents- Starting from $3000

Study Permit

Application Type Professional Fees
Study Permit
Starting from $2500
+ $500 CAQ (For Province of Quebec Only)
Study Permit After refusal
​Starting from $3000
Restoration of study permit
​Starting from $1500
Study Permit Extension
Starting from $1750
PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit)
​Starting from $2500
Changing the conditions of a study permit
1 person - from $1000
2 persons - from $1500

Express Entry & PNP

Application Type Professional Fees
Express Entry - Opening Profile (First Stage)
Starting from $2000
Express Entry - ITA (Invitation to Apply) second stage
Starting from $3000
$500 (for each dependent)
Self Employed
$7000 - $15000
PNP (Provencal Nominee Program)
​Starting From $4000
Business Investor PNP (Multiple Stages)
​Starting From $35000
Provencal PNP (Ontario/ Alberta/ Prince Edward/ Saskatchewan/ British Columbia/ Nova Scotia/ Yukon/ New Brunswick/ Newfoundland and Labrador)
Starting From $4000
Reconsideration Request
Starting From $4000

Work Permits

Application Type Professional Fees
LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment)
LMIA - Starting from $3500
Work permit for LMIA- $2000
LMIA Exempt: - French Mobility Program - Self Employed Entrepreneurs - Academics - Intra-Company Transfers - Provencial Exempt LMIA - Charitable Work - Religious Work
Starting from $3000
​NAFTA, CETA, and All Free Trade Agreement
Starting from $4000
Live in Caregiver
Starting from $2500
​Working Holiday
​Starting from $1500
Bridging Open Work Permit
​Starting From $1500
Reconsideration Request Work Permit
​Starting From $2000